Posted on Aug 3, 2019

L B K Industries

Hammerite paints

All our outdoor structures and even our trailers are finished with this paint. Personally, I have been using this since 1989 when I discovered it and can vouch for its longevity. They claim direct to rust and yes it does bond although rust here is a tad subjective.

It is expensive as it is imported from the UK but the benefit of paying more, it lasts longer than any enamel paints because of it's formulation. Dedicated solvents are required and although it can be applied with a brush, it gives a far better finish when sprayed. It also can take abrasive punishment and is ideal for the DIY trailer especially if it "sleeps" outdoors.

It gives the same or similar protection to powder coated baked enamel paints and is very resistant to UV degradation.

It is touch dry within 20 minutes which is when a 2nd coat is applied. When spraying, the second coat actually renders the hammered effect. Full curing takes ±6 weeks. It is waterproof within 2 hours.

It is sold in 55 countries worldwide and is the leading paint protection for ferrous and other metals. It bonds well to other paints so long as all loose paint is removed, generally we power wire brush off old surfaces. It is also available in spray cans for small jobs and available in certain areas as a smooth finish too.

The satin finish is aesthetically pleasing.

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We have years of experience using this product and do on site refurbishments.
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